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dear mapref visitor, now also has a facebook-site.

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GeoLingua – Spatial Data Modelling, Semantics and More

the GeoLingua Pages at are opened.

Various contributions on

  • Spatial Data Modelling
  • Spatial Semantics
  • more

are found in english and/or german

Weshalb die Erde wie eine Kartoffel aussieht (Why the Earth looks like a potato)

on March 30 2011, the Web-Portal of the Swiss Television (Schweizer Fernsehen) published a News-Message “Weshalb die Erde wie eine Kartoffel aussieht (Why the Earth looks like a potato)” including a video of the “potatoe-shaped” earth.

The news is about first results from observing the earth and its gravity field with the European Earth Observing Satellite “GOCE”. The results come from scientists of the Technical University of Munich:  the gravity field has never been observed better, and the Earthquake in Japan has distorted the shape of the earth.

More about GOCE see at ESA:

“Die Jagd nach dem Urmeter” (the search for the universal length unit)

the german TV ZDF published “Die Jagd nach dem Urmeter” (the search for the universal length unit) on its historical series “Terra-X” on 27. February 2011 at 19:30.

this historical contribution can be viewed on the web-portal (ZDF-Mediathek). the direct link is: (in german!).

please enjoy it.

European Coordinate Reference Systems

MapRef is providing information about Europe Coordinate Reference Systems and a lot of other useful information an links on Coordinate Reference Systems since 1996.
A special aspect of Europe is the work of the European Commission (EC). Due geoinformation is used or built up in many projects of EC, various CRS (geodetic reference system and map projections) are defined and officially released for these projects. Read more.