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e-cards by available

the sending of free e-card with varios motives (e.g. various map projections) is now available.

thank you for using it

enjoy it

Data Modelling of Map Projections

For creating a data model of map projections, first it needs a systematization of map projections.

Both, a systematization of map projections as well as data model of map projections is found in:

Stefan A. Voser
Konzeptuelle Modellierung von Koordinatensystemen für Geodateninfrastrukturen
(“Conceptual Modelling of Coordinate Systems for Geodatainfrastructures”)
More about this is found [here].
Thank you.

Map Projection Time

Dear MapRef Visitor

Do you know the Map Projection Time? Please check here some wall clocks or watches:


MapRef on Google+

Dear MapRef Vistors

MapRef is now easy to find on Google+ with the short url


is the world ready for the cold?

Yes, you can be ready for the cold –  with the MapRef scarves:

have a good winter time