Data Modelling of Map Projections

A data model for map projections is needed for building up coordinate reference system management systems. There you store coordinate reference system definitions and relationships between them. Map projections define a specific relationship between corresponding coordinate reference systems.

For creating a data model of map projections, first it needs a systematization of map projections.

Both, a systematization of map projections as well as data model of map projections is found in:

Stefan A. Voser
Konzeptuelle Modellierung von Koordinatensystemen für Geodateninfrastrukturen
(“Conceptual Modelling of Coordinate Systems for Geodatainfrastructures”)
Datenmodell von Kartenprojektionen [Voser2007]

Datenmodell von Kartenprojektionen

[Voser 2007]

last update: 15.09.2020
published: 29.01.2015

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